What is Internet streaming?

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What is Internet streaming?

Streaming refers to watching audio or video in real time rather than having to download the entire media file. You will typically need to have appropriate bandwidth, which will significantly impact the quality of the stream that you will get.

What is Internet streaming?

Difference between Downloading and Streaming
If you need to understand streaming and loading you have to learn how data in the form of emails, web pages, movies, and the music gets to your PC. Data will typically get to your computer either through:

1. Streaming
2. Progressive downloads

Internet-based content is best accessed through streaming though you can also use the progressive download method, which has lately become less popular with increasing bandwidth.

The biggest differences between the two methods are with what happens to the internet content once you are done with it and when you can start using the data.

Progressive downloads

refer to the conventional downloads that we are all used to. When you download music from iTunes or download a game or an app, you have to wait until it is fully downloaded onto your device before you can use it.


makes it possible to start using the music, or content before the entire file is downloaded onto your device. For instance, if you are streaming from Spotify or Apple Music or from the IPTV server, you can listen to your song by clicking play almost instantly.

You do not have to wait for the entire song to download onto your device before clicking play. This is one of the biggest pros of streaming as it provides access as you need it.

Streaming is also different from downloads in terms of how your data is stored. If you use streaming, the data is automatically deleted from your device once you are done with it. With downloads, the data remains on your computer hard drive until you manually delete it. For instance, UPMaker IPTV will not save that Game of Thrones episode on your PC when you stream it unless you decide to save it for offline listening.

Streaming and Bandwidth

The quality of bandwidth needed will typically depend on the quality of content being streamed. For instance, a low-level quality video will require less bandwidth than a high-quality one. A good example is when you are watching a 400 by 226-pixel low-quality YouTube video versus a 320 by 240-pixel high- quality video. Streaming on PC will require more Internet bandwidth as compared to what you were using the smartphone.

Specifications for Streaming Content(VOD)

Streaming video on demand (VOD) will typically require higher internet bandwidths though this will also depend on the type of media you are streaming. You will usually need about 20 megabits per second or more for streaming standard definition video without any decrease in quality or buffering. 4K and HD media will usually require higher speeds to get high-quality video and audio.

(IPTV) Live Streaming

The technology that IPTV uses is identical to those used in live streaming. However, it is designed for real- time content delivery over the internet. Live streaming is popular with one-time events, sports or live television programming from your premium IPTV subscription.

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