Every subscription will work on one device at a given time.

In order to use the subscription in another device, please make sure to disconnect the previous device first.

When filling the subscription form, please mention this in your order (there’s a section titled “do you have something in mind? Let us know”, this is where you should tell us).

Your playlist will come without the adult channels

Thank you for your purchase from Upmaker. We’ll generate and test your account manually to make sure everything works well. However, this might take a while. (We will normally send the account information to your email within a maximum of 5 hours, so please be patient.) Your subscription duration starts when you receive the account information, so you will have your full duration regardless of the delay.

Yes, absolutely! When filling the subscription form, please give us its MAC address (it should be printed on a label on the box). It’s important to give it correctly for your box to be registered on the servers of Upmaker. Afterwards, simply put our portal in your box and the fun will begin!

Simply fill this form and your refund will be given in 24 hours. This is the fastest among our rivals, but we hope you won’t need it ;)

We’re here to help! Please submit a ticket from your client panel, or reply your subscription email and explain the issue. Please describe the problem so that we can help you faster.

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