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Our IPTV reseller program helps you to live up to the expectations of your customers, by enabling you to provide the best possible solutions for them.
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Is It Profitable to Be an Upmaker IPTV Reseller?

Sure. Gone are the days when it was difficult to make a killing out of IPTV sales. If you can remember, everything seemed complicated, from the line and user management to one-tier sales management systems and payment portals. Today, things are entirely different, as a wide array of tools can be found in your single-dashboard reseller account. The benefits of being an UpmakerIPTV reseller include:

  • You will be able to effectively manage your financial transactions thanks to our secure payment portals.
  • A highly impressive income.
  • A wide range of payment methods for convenience purposes.
  • You will be able to send and track UpmakerIPTV reports in real time.
  • Promotion of your branding, as users will be able to log into the dashboard under your brand name, and enjoy the service through your private logo.
  • High-quality IPTV services at incredibly affordable prices and flexible re-crediting terms.
  • You will be able to offer support services to your clients directly through your dashboard.
  • Complete and informative user management.
  • You will be able to provide your customers with a user-friendly panel.

IPTV Reseller's Program Introduction

Features of IPTV Dashboard


Sell Under Your Own Logo and Brand

With Upmaker IPVT program, you will be able to create your own brand and logo. You can also customize your dashboard and DNS to allow your customers to log into the dashboard through a dedicated login page. With a customized panel, you can set your own prices and earn more money.


How IPTV Panel Works

Once you join our UpmakerIPTV reseller program, you will have your own panel, which allows you to sell our services as long as you have credits. You will need to have a minimum balance of 150 credits, which is equivalent to €150, to get started.


How Do You Start Making Money?

You can start making money as an Upmaker IPTV reseller by opening a reseller account and advertising our IPTV services to potential customers.


How a Reseller Account Works

An IPTV reseller account does not expire once opened. However, you will need to load it with credits regularly to create accounts for your clients and sell IPTV services. The amount of required credit depends on the plan of your choice. For instance, you will need five credits to run a one-month reseller account.


Can I Have My Own URL as a Reseller?

Sure. All you need is to complete the RESELLER DNS form at the time you’re making your first purchase. You may also create a request ticket with our helpful team to have the panel changed to your desired DNS. However, it is essential to know that UpmakerIPTV staff does not create and manage DNS for you. It is all upon you.



Each deposit you make attracts a bonus, which you can be able to see using our calculator. The amount of extra bonus you receive will also determine the price of the packages. And of course, the larger the deposit, the more the profit. So, spend more to earn more profit.

Join Upmaker IPTV Reseller Program
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If you did not know, at least 50 million people under the sun enjoy IPTV services. With this vast market, you can earn a decent income once you become an Upmaker IPTV reseller. All you need to kick-start your way to financial success is your own IPTV dashboard, which will enable you to generate and sell user lines. The dashboard will also make it possible to generate all scripts for IPTV boxes..

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